There is no one size fits all cybersecurity solution

Small-Business Essential Advice on Choosing a Top Class Cybersecurity Consultant

by Cert-Admin

There is no one size fits all cybersecurity solution

Small-Business Essential Advice on Choosing a Top Class Cybersecurity Consultant

by Cert-Admin

by Cert-Admin

Often times small-business aren’t willing to seek cybersecurity advice before they need it. Entrepreneurs by nature tend to be risk-takers. They started the company and it is their baby. Clearly, they should know how to raise it.

However, not understanding your companies cybersecurity data risk landscape can destroy your business in sometimes milliseconds. When selecting a cybersecurity consultant, follow these five simple, but important, guidelines:

Ethical character

First and foremost, an effective consultant must be a person of the highest character. He or she must be the consummate professional. The consultant must be willing to put the best interest and confidentiality of the client ahead of their own.

For example, the consultant must be willing to tell clients things that they need to hear, but may not want to — even if doing so means that the consultant loses business. The consultant must care deeply about her or his clients.

Solid proven cybersecurity experience

A good consultant should have relevant certifications and experience with the challenges or opportunities you and your company are facing. When you engage with a company who is an actual practitioner of security—someone who has traveled your path and understands what you’re up against—you get a different, and arguably better perspective and guidance over someone who’s simply read a book on security.

Experienced in compliance, security operations, data analysis, testing, and insider threat detection, as well as various security technologies, our consultants apply their unique perspective and expertise to help clients around the world defend against intruders. She or he may not know your specific company or industry, but you and your people know your company and your industry quite well, don’t you? What the consultant brings to the table is experience in addressing the types of issues you face.

Creative tailored solutions

Unless you are a franchise then your cybersecurity needs are as varied and need to be tailored to fit your specific business model and client base. There is no commercial on the shelf boxed set of a do it yourself cybersecurity solution.

Maybe you are required to adhere to specific standards when performing business objectives, such as FINRA or HIPAA. You need a security consultant who can provide security solutions, assessments, and roadmaps with these standards in mind, or even evaluate implementation against these standards.

When selecting the right security partner for your organization, remember that cyber is a forever challenge so team up with a forever partner. Wherever you are on your journey, it’s never too late to engage with the right partner. Contact a Certeza Group security expert today to learn how our services and solutions can help you on your security journey.

Outstanding communication skills

A good consultant should be articulate. He or she should possess unusually strong communication skills, both orally and in writing. Of course, communication is a two-way street. Perhaps more important than her or his ability to speak articulately and write eloquently is the ability to listen.

No matter how smart a consultant is, she or he won’t be able to help you improve your business until they fully understand the challenges you face. This will never happen until the consultant listens to you.

Excellent interpersonal skills

Simply put, for any consultant to be successful in helping your company, a trust-based relationship is going to have to develop. You will need to be comfortable revealing the intimate details of your business. The relationship between consultant and client is not unlike the relationship between a doctor and patient.

Without complete candor, the consultant will be hindered in his or her effort to help your business. Chose a consultant with whom you can develop this kind of professional relationship.

The right consultant can create tremendous value. The wrong consultant can destroy value. Following these five guidelines will help ensure that you engage the right firm or individual.

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